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SBI PO 2016- English Quiz

Dear Readers,
                      Today we have brought you this Quiz which will help you for your Upcoming Examinations  for English section. Today’s Quiz covers Cloze test and error detection. it will be useful for,JET  EXAM, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SBI SO and other exams.
Directions—(Q. 1–10) In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

What this approach lacks is the essential interaction with …(1)… and with other humans. Indeed in many environmental activities the …(2)… takes place. A classic example of this is making of a herbarium or even worse, an insect …(3)…, so common in both formal and nonformal education in India. A child is …(4)… encouraged to pluck leaves and …(5)… and run after butterflies with a net and is …(6)… of a large group of children similarly working a …(7)… of nature within it. Such a child is not likely to develop any strong …(8)… of respect for nature, or for the individual ‘specimens’ pressed in the …(9)… file or trapped in a jar. It is worse when the activity is also competitive, i.e., who …(10)… the maximum.
1. (A) habit
(B) tradition
(C) practice
(D) custom
(E) nature
2. (A) antonym
(B) against
(C) enemy
(D) opposite
(E) opponent
3. (A) gathering
(B) compilation
(C) collection
(D) assembly
(E) bulk
4. (A) oft
(B) often
(C) frequently
(D) mostly
(E) many
5. (A) flowers
(B) petals
(C) buds
(D) blossoms
(E) delight
6. (A) division
(B) segment
(C) particle
(D) portion
(E) part
7. (A) piece
(B) thatch
(C) plot
(D) patch
(E) spot
8. (A) thinking
(B) experiencing
(C) feeling
(D) knowing
(E) viewing
9. (A) sapling
(B) plant
(C) creeper
(D) nursery
(E) tree
10. (A) collects
(B) meets
(C) piles
(D) gathers
(E) assembles
Directions:Find the error in the following questions.If no error found then select No error.
11.The third season of (A) / the popular television show will ends (B) / on a grand note with (C) / celebrities dancing and having fun. (D) / No error (E)
12.The website, which does not (A) / accept advertisements and is funded (B) / entirely by donations, describes itself (C) / as the fifth most popular website on the planet. (D) / No error (E)
13.As sharing crime statistics for (A) / the year 2011, the Commissioner admitted that (B) / there had been an undue delay in (C) / the setting up of an anti-narcotics cell. (D) / No error (E)
14.The Moon may be the best place (A) / to look for aliens as their (B) / footprints on their surface would (C) / last far longer than radio signals. (D) / No error (E)
15.The judge advised the government to (A) / have metered autorickshaws across the state while (B) / recounting his personal experience where an auto- rickshaw driver (C)/ made him to wait and also demanded Rs. 100. (D) / No error (E)

Answers1. (E)
2. (D)
3. (C)
4. (B)
5. (A)
6. (E)
7. (D)
8. (C)
9. (B)
10. (A)
Here , the popular show will ends/ ended i.e. Past simple/ Future Indefinite ….. should be used.12.(E)

Here, Showing/ sharing crime statistics for …… should be used.

Here, footprints on its surface would ….. should be used.

Here, made him wait and …….. should be used.

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