How can I clear IAS exam in first attempt ?

This is a good thing that you want to prepare for the IAS examination from your own. Don’t worry about your preparation I’ll give you everything here. I am starting from the scratch and then opening the flow of strategy.

you need to start your preparation from today. How I’ll tell you here. First, start your preparation for the mains and don’t worry about pre. You can start your preparation for pre from April but in these three months fully dedicated yourself for your aim. You need to focus on a capability to taking the risk. Here risk in the form of other jobs. For example, if you are also prepared for SSC or banks or any other government jobs then left this for UPSC because if you fill other government jobs also then it will loose your focus which is important for your one-time goal which is IAS. You can start your preparation from today with these types of mindset. Before purchasing the book, before going to take advice for this and before anything you need to prepare your mind just like an officer. Here I want to go in deep where I would tell you first for tools for cracking this exam and then about opinion developing mindset with an officer mindset.

Tools- First of all, you need three books which will create your level above the other competitor. These three books are-

1.Polity (DD base), Introduction To The Constitution Of India Book (Buy Introduction To The Constitution Of India Book Online at Low Prices in India)

2.Economics ( Mishra and puri) Buy Indian Economy Book Online (Buy Indian Economy Book Online at Low Prices in India)

3.History (Bipin Chandra)Buy History of Modern India Book Online (Buy History of Modern India Book Online at Low Prices in India)

These books will create a path of success for you, especially for IAS. So put your heart, mind and soul for completing these books for your future. First, read these books and revise it in every month because if you reading something then also there is a great chance that you forget what you read and if you revise something then you are fully aware of every provision, every law and some aspects of your economy growth along with history. Try to revise these three books at least one time in every month.Take this and read it first from your own and the second one is Newspaper

Prelims- You can start your preparation with the solve papers. Whatever you are reading notes, books left all this from half April. In April you need to solve question papers of prelims. For prelims take some 60–80 papers and finished them in 60 days.


Tips- here are some tips which you need during your preparation.

1.Avoid distraction- Avoid all types of distractions. Distractions in the form of Friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, Social media, relatives.

2. Be social person- A social person is a person who thinks for the people. If you have something then you can give it to your society.

3. Be happy- Always be happy with what you are doing. If someone trying to demotivate you then trick them back tell them that you are smarter than them from your word. And this is only possible if you are truly happy with your preparation.

4. Make sure you solve enough number of mock papers for both Prelims and Mains; this is a must before you step into the UPSC exam for your first attempt. Regular evaluations will help you keep a track of your progress and help you keep yourself motivated.

5 . If there’s a bible that can guide you towards success, it’s the ;Newspaper Readings’ that acts as an integral whole in your entire preparation process. All the questions that are asked in the examinations come directly from the newspapers. Therefore, it becomes prudent on your part to know ‘How to read a newspaper’, ‘what to read and what not to read’

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