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1. A sum of Rs. 1360 has been divided among X, Y and Z such that X gets 2/3 of what Y gets and Y gets 1/4 of what Z gets. Y’s share is:
a. Rs.120
b. Rs. 160
c. Rs.240
d. Rs.300

2. If x-y= 3 and x2+y2=29, find the value of xy
a. 10
b. 12
c. 15
d. 18

3. Ram gets on the elevator at the 11th floor of a building and rides up at the rate of 57 floors per minute. At the same time, Shyam gets on an elevator at the 51st floor of the same building and rides down at the rate of 63 floors per minute. If they continue travelling at these rates, then at which floor will their paths cross ?
a. 19
b. 28
c. 30
d. 37

4. The salary  of  all employees is  increased  twice successively  by  20%.  What  is  the  net  percentage  increase  in  their  salaries?

a. 20%

b. 40%

c. 21%

d. 44%

5. In  an  examination  it  is  necessary  for  a  candidate  to  get   45 %  of  the  maximum  marks  to  pass. A  candidate  who  gets  180  marks, fails by  45 marks. Find  the  maximum  marks.

a. 450

b. 600

c. 500

d. 550

6. 10 litres  of  water  is  added  to  50 litres  of  a  solution  containing  20%  of  alcohol  in  water . What  is  the  strength  of  alcohol  in  the  solution  now ?

a. 20%

b. 16 2/3 %

c. 12 1/2 %

d. 33 1/3 %

7. In his speech he vowed to…………..the four billion unbanked individuals across  the world into the…………..of financial inclusion.

(A) represent, sphere
(B) target, area
(C) bring, realm
(D) engage, achievement
(E) convince, era

8. Although he puts in…………..of overtime and takes few holidays, he………… cannot support his family.

(A) sufficient, however
(B) lot, besides
(C) much, thus
(D) plenty, still
(E) frequency, yet

9. They have been…………..on incentives to…………..these practices are implemented nat grass root level.

(A) relying, ensure
(B) improving, secure
(C) advocating, confirm
(D) debating, necessitate
(E) focusing, display

10.   And though one did not (a)/ quite believe his claim, (b)/ one saw no harm (c)/ in granting him
permission. (d)/ No error (e)

11.   If you hate me, (a)/ then you should (b)/ leave my house. (c)/ No error (d)

12.   When he went out (a)/ he left the radio on (b)/ so that his parents shall think (c)/ that he was
still in the house. (d)/ No error (e)

13.  More leisure, as well as an abundance of goods, (a)/ are attainable (b)/ through automation. (c)/
No error (d)

14. 1.5, 3, 5.5, 9, 13.5, 19, …

a. 81

b. 15.5

c. 21.5

d. 25.5

 15. Which term of the series 5,8,11,14,…….is  320?

a. 104th

b. 105th

c. 106th

d. 64th


16. In the series 5, 10, 20, 40,….what will be the 10th term?

a. 1280

b. 2560

c. 1820

d.  2650


17. QPO, SRQ, UTS, WVU, ?

a. XVZ

b. ZYA

c. YXW

d. VWX

18. deb ijg  nol  ?  xyv

a. rsp

b. stp

c. rsq

d. stq

e. sto








20. shg rif qje ? olc

a. ole

b. pkd

c. nmc

d. nlb


  1. C
  2. A
  3. C
  4. D
  5. D
  6. B
  7. B
  8. D
  9. A
  10. E
  11. B
  12. E
  13. C
  14. D
  15. C
  16. B
  17. C
  18. C

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