Does JET Exam repeat questions ?

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JET Exam :- many people ask question jet exam repeat questions  ? here is answer Yes ! You can Identify a pattern of questions like DI in Quantitative aptitude, Reading comprehension in English, Sitting Arrangements in Reasoning.

These are scoring part & once you master these type of questions you are more confident in JET exam.

It is suggested to take mock tests to better scrutinize the paper pattern, if you score good in mock tests & manage time well in that, you’ll manage time in exam hall as also.

For obvious reasons, questions will be changed like digits, pattern (graph, pie, bar chart) but few questions are always there in paper.

everyone asking same question dose “JET Exam  (Joint Employment test ) repeat questions” ? 

No, ques were not repeated in exams ya but 90% of the patterns repeated. There are some fixed sort of question that were asked with different difficulty level

If you are continuously giving “JET exam ” then u can easily judge the mood of exam and it is quite easy for you to crack.

Yes, the question pattern gets repeated nearly for 30% questions. But remember, the same question never repeat, at least the numbers change.

Obviously that is the main reason why students prepare previous year solved papers.


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