does JET Exam repeat questions in Lekhpal exam ?

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does JET Exam repeat questions in Lekhpal exam ?

Important Points to Score Better in JET Exam 2017

Many people apply for JET Exam without having any knowledge  which reduces their chances of clearing the exam. So we have come across many important points which they might not be aware of but should be kept in the mind of the aspirants to score well in JET Exam.

Here is the list of such points which the aspirants should go through to excel in the upcoming JET Exam.

1. JET Exam Repeats questions year after year

The biggest truth with JET is that JET do repeat questions and that too in all sections (Reasoning, Maths, English and General Awareness). Have a look at the last 4-5 year question papers of JET Exams and you will find out that, there are around 2-3 questions in each section which are repeated every time. It is therefore necessary to solve Previous Year Papers. In English Section, you will find repeated questions in One-Word Substitution, Idioms/phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, Correction of sentences etc.

2. General Awareness can also be scoring

Those students who are still not able to decode the pattern of the General Awareness section are bound to feel that its syllabus is too vast and thus, it’s difficult to score in this section. However, if you analyze the GK Section of past year JET papers, you will realize that certain question types are repeated almost every year. For example the first in India, Constitutional articles & amendments, commonly used chemicals, folk dances of india etc.

3. Understanding the basics of Maths is a must

For many students, Maths section is difficult and time consuming. It has questions from all major topics like percentage, profit and loss, time and work etc. Many students believe that it’s almost impossible to score good marks without using Tricks and Shortcuts. What we feel is, tricks and shortcuts are undoubtedly helpful but you still need basic concept to learn and use them effectively.

Don’t forget that short tricks might ditch you at the last moment but basics will not.

4. Current Affairs are equally important for JET Exam

Major subjects for General Awareness Section of JET Exam are undoubtedly History, Polity, Geography, Science & Economics as most of the questions are asked from these subjects only. However, it is a misconception that Current Affairs are useless and should be ignored. JET asks around 4-5 marks questions in General Awareness section from current affairs topic. So, covering all major events of last 3-4 months can give you 4-5 marks for granted.

5. Don’t avoid questions on Reading Comprehension

Many students believe that Reading Comprehension takes too much time and thus it should be avoided. They feel that avoiding questions based on comprehension will save their time which they can utilize in solving other questions. However, the passages are easy and can be scored off quickly. The best thing about Comprehension is, with a good reading speed & practice; you can easily score 5 to 10 marks. Another good thing about passages is that they don’t ask you to memorize any formulae or facts.

6. Synonyms, Antonyms, One-Word Substitution & Idioms/phrases can be of great help

Aspirants normally don’t give importance to building vocabulary. Due to this they face many problems, especially in English Section. If you want to improve your Vocabulary, we recommend Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

7. Even if you are weak in Grammar, you can still get good marks in English

A lot of people tell that you can get good marks in English section in JET Exams only after mastering the Grammar Portion. However, that’s not true. The English Section has 25 questions. These 25 questions stands for 50 marks.

8. Mock Tests are the ultimate key to Success

Regular practice of quiz and mock tests will help you to crack this exam. Try to attempt as many questions as you can.

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